Jewels of the earth.


Jewellery and other treasures for the soul created by hand with elements from Mother Nature.


At Raw Spirit, I use ethically sourced natural feathers, Crystals and gemstones from Mother Earth.

As a Lapidarist, I cut and polish many of the stones myself to use in my designs, so my work is definitely not "cookie cutter"


I believe that your jewellery should not only look beautiful and be lovely to wear but could it also assist us in our personal development and living the soul's highest purpose?

I believe so.


Crystals, gemstones and feathers have long been used to connect us with our inner selves and to all realms of life. It is in this knowledge that we can see our jewellery made with these elements can assist us to do that. That is the intention of Raw Spirit Jewellery and More. To create beautiful jewellery and more that help us to focus on our highest intentions for our highest good. 

Located in Pakenham, Melbourne, Victoria contact us to make a time to explore our many unique and beautiful treasures. 


 Come with us and explore.......